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Covid 19 disrupted the conventional way of working and shifted traditional leadership models. As a result, organizations demonstrated remarkable agility and adapted their business models and disruptive technologies, so to say overnight. Leading through crisis recovery into a new, better normal requires a new leader who can think and act differently.


New Leaders need to embed diversity and create an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome and can bring their authentic selves to work. They know that new ideas and innovation can flourish in a diverse and inclusive environment, where people are recognized for their purpose and self-expression. So they lead differently, connect people with purpose, bring new energy, foster curiosity and continuous learning. They bring resilience and agility, better listening, and self-learning. They strive to create new opportunities for growth and sustainability.  But the great Leaders require followers, and trust nurtures that. So new Leaders need to master how to earn trust from their workforce or built trust among customers and stakeholders.

For more than 14 years, MENITY helps big and small organizations attract and hire their executive leaders. We commit to bring value and exceptional results to our clients. As a result, more than 75% of CxOs stay longer than three years with our clients, and our clients promote more than 50% of our candidates after three years. 

Our Functional focus

Chief Executive Officers

Technology & Digital

Human Resources

Corporate Affairs Officers

Supply Chain Officers

Legal & Risk Officers

Fiancial Officers

Sales & Marketing 


Create more diverse leadership and management teams in your organization

Assess & develop your leaders & managers for the future-ready skills

Reinvent your succession plans and embed DE&I on all management levels 

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What makes us different

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We bring results


The success rate in executive search placements.*


Business from repetitive clients.


CxOs placed stay longer than three years.


Placed Female Leaders from 20 nationalities.


Placed CxOs promoted after three years.

* external hiring only; All data as of 2017-2020

We bring access to difficult to reach & diverse candidates

80% of our Shortlists are diverse candidates

We delivered 91% of  assignments on time

We adapted cutting-edge technologies that help us to make data-driven decisions and remove biases. 

AI-powered talent sourcing

We use AI-powered analytics to better pre-match candidates. In addition, we extended our search connectivity to reach diverse and hard-to-reach candidates.


 Blind screening tools help us to review candidates and keep us focused on merit and skills.

Augmented writing helps us to address biases in language and create texts of belonging and conscious inclusion.

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Data based assessment

We assess all candidates based on data & analytics, not just the opinion.

We involve colleagues from diverse backgrounds to calibrate a multilayer structured interview framework.

We use an AI-powered video interview system to get an additional data source and help us avoid biases.

We measure what matters and focus on future-ready skills.

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