There is no room for error in executive search. It must be done right.

Understand your needs

 We meet your hiring executives and relevant stakeholders to thoroughly understand your organization, culture, priorities, expectations, long-term strategies, and objectives. This will help us better understand what makes someone successful in your company and help us target the candite better.


We partner together on an exclusive retained basis with defined engagement timing, NDAs, off-limits, deliverables, and other relevant details.


Develop candidate profile & search strategy

We develop a comprehensive Brief including the candidate profile, responsibilities, objectives, core competencies, experience, skills, cultural alignment, and reporting relationships. The brief serves as a marketing tool and helps to prevent from veering off course. 

We will design a tailor-made search and communication strategy to attract and hire the best-fitting candidate, including diversity goals, target companies, the scale of candidates, off-limits, culture, location specifics, and others.

In-depth multilayer research

It's all about the data. We deep dive to bring you thorough market research. We combine cutting-edge AI-sourcing, BI technologies, extended reach to diverse candidate platforms, and an extensive network of verified executives. We develop comprehensive reports including market analytics, target companies mapping, talent dynamics, market feedback, diversity, and additional data.


We develop and calibrate comprehensive Longlist and deliver regular progress reports that will keep everyone in sync.  

Candidate Assessment & Shortlist 

We conduct high-level assessments to evaluate prospects against the primary requirements, motivators, followed by an in-depth multilayer assessment to assess behaviors, competencies, skills, experience, culture fit, among others.  We develop a Candidate profile that analyzes and appraises vital dimensions, including readiness for the role, strengths, motivators, verified credentials, improvement opportunities, and others. 

We arrive at Shortlist. Present you the best-fitting candidates, deliver insights and facilitate the meeting process. 

Background and reference checks

We make every effort possible to ensure discretion and confidentiality while conducting a comprehensive, in-depth reference check on your behalf.


We develop a reference check report and insights including all components you need to make an informed hiring decision. 

Wining candidate, and  

When we arrive at the final candidate, we work closely with you and the candidate to calibrate the offer and negotiate to ensure you have the best opportunity to hire the candidate. The search ends when the executive accepts the offer.  

Our journey continues as we partner with you and the candidate to ensure smooth Onboarding. We deliver on-demand tailor-made services such as executive coaching to help you and the candidate accelerate integration.   

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How we made the search smarter


AI-powered talent sourcing and analytics

We use AI-powered technologies to better pre-match and evaluate candidates. In addition, we extended our search connectivity to reach diverse and hard-to-reach candidates

We assess candidates based on data & analytics, not just the opinion. ​AI-powered video interview system helps us get an additional data source and help us avoid biases in the talent process.

We accelerate the time to Shortlist by utilizing AI-powered sourcing & assessment technologies. 

Augmented writing and blind screening

We use language and texts of belonging and conscious inclusion to attract a diverse group of candidates.


Blind screening tools help us review candidates unbiased and keep us focused on merit and skill.

Cloud solutions & customer portal to boost productivity

Microsoft Azure and 356 apps allow us to interact with you faster and smarter. Our multilayer security measures safeguard all your information. For more details, visit our privacy policy.


We went the extra mile for you and implemented a single-source customer portal where all the up-to-date information you need is easily at your fingerprint, even on the go. You can make an informed, data-driven hiring decision any time you wish.


Measure and improve customer and candidate experience

We value and respect each individual and strive to make our customers and candidates happy by constantly improving their experience. We believe we can improve what we can measure. As your partners, we understand how vital it is to maintain a high level of communication and engagement with all your potential candidates regardless of the stage of the project.

Customer and candidate engagement surveys help us better understand the needs and behaviors and evaluate our actions and align to improve the experience continually. 

Candidate satisfaction score 4,6/ 5

Data as of 2021

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