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Menity: Connecting Exceptional Talent with Leading Organizations

Unlocking Human Potential, Together

About Firm

Company overview

Founded in 2007, our premium international executive search firm has been dedicated to connecting exceptional talent with exceptional opportunities.


With a team of 20 highly skilled professionals spanning five countries, we specialize in

Executive Search, Leadership Advisory, and Strategic Talent Acquisition Services.


We take pride in partnering with 20% of Fortune 500 companies and numerous other businesses to help them unlock the full potential of their people.

Our mission is driven by the belief in human potential and the power to create a better world through individual efforts, no matter how small.

We strive to cultivate an inclusive environment that respects and values every individual.

As a professionally curious team, we constantly explore, learn, and gain knowledge that we can share with our clients. Our growth mindset empowers us to reframe challenges, recognize potential, and foster collaboration.

Values and Culture

Values guiding us on our journey

With these principles as our foundation, we are dedicated to connecting exceptional talent with exceptional opportunities and transforming organizations for the better.

Purpose-driven impact

We are committed to helping our clients create positive change in the world.

Trusted advisors

We serve our clients with integrity, providing executive search, leadership advisory, and talent acquisition services.

Personal growth and respect 

We value and respect each individual, promoting personal and professional growth.

Diversity and inclusion

We embrace diversity in experience, expertise, and thought, fostering an inclusive environment.

Growth mindset

We approach challenges with a growth mindset, focusing on potential and collaboration.

Client value

We are dedicated to delivering results and creating value for our clients.


Leadership Team

Peter Nemcok

Peter Nemcok

Managing Director

Peter is the co-founder of Menity. He brings over 25 years of combined experience as an entrepreneur and leader. His corporate background includes automotive, consumer, and technology industries.

Ryan Collins

Ryan Collins

Managing Director

Ryan brings over 36 years of combined experience as an entrepreneur and business leader. His corporate background includes private equity, financial service, retail, and consumer industries.

Vladimir Janik

Vladimir Janik

Managing Director

Vladimir is the co-founder of Menity. He brings over 25 years of combined experience as an entrepreneur and leader. His corporate background includes financial services and technology industries.


Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Menity, we respect and value each individual's unique qualities and experiences. We believe that diverse perspectives foster innovation and growth and that inclusion is the key to unlocking the full potential of this diversity. By incorporating these principles into our daily practices, Menity is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion both within our organization and in the services we provide to our clients.

Minimizing Biases in Our Talent Practices

We leverage technology and data-driven processes to reduce unconscious bias throughout talent sourcing, attraction, assessment, and interviews.

Continuous Improvement in Diversity Awareness

We regularly analyze our DEI performance and provide ongoing training to our team members to enhance awareness and reduce biases.

Accessibility for the Broadest Possible Audience

We strive to adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1, Level AA) to ensure our website and content are accessible to all. 

High Professionalism and Ethics

We conduct our business with integrity, professionalism, and a commitment to high ethical standards. Explore code of conduct.

Official Supporter of UN Standards of Conduct

Menity proudly supports the United Nations Standards of Conduct for Business to tackle discrimination in the workplace.  See supporters.

Creating an Inclusive Environment

We are dedicated to fostering a welcoming and respectful environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging and can contribute their unique talents and perspectives.


Forging Strong Partnerships for Exceptional Talent Connections

At Menity, our passion lies in connecting exceptional people and fostering partnerships that empower our clients to thrive. Through collaboration and strategic alliances, we help businesses find the talent they need to excel. As proud members of the following organizations, we are committed to excellence and continuous improvement in our services:

The American Chamber of Commerce

As a member of this prestigious organization, we actively engage with the international business community and participate in events to stay informed of the latest trends and insights in the global market.

The British Chamber of Commerce

Our membership with the British Chamber of Commerce enhances our expertise in the UK business landscape, connecting us with key decision-makers and industry leaders.

United Nations Global Partnership for Equality

We are dedicated to promoting workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion. By partnering with the United Nations Global Partnership for Equality, we reinforce our commitment to sourcing diverse talent and fostering a more inclusive business environment.



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