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Declaration of Consent

I am interested in Menity considering my suitability for employment opportunities, and submit information about me to potential employers.



  • I authorize Menity to collect, process, retain, and disclose data about me that I personally provide or is collected by Menity from publicly accessible sources for the purpose of providing me with employment opportunities;

  • I consent Menity to process the following type of personal data: my full name, gender, nationality, e-mail address or postal address, telephone number, employer details, employment history, education, certificates, professional credentials, skills, assessments, and interview records, background checks, financial compensation, and all information that I choose to share with Menity in my CV or accompanying documents;

  • I agree that my personal data will be disclosed to potential employers for employment opportunities;

  • I am aware that the processing of my personal data will last until I delete my user account. After the deletion of my user account, Menity will delete my personal data within the time period of 7 calendar days. 

I understand I can withdraw my consent at any time by contacting Menity or terminating my service agreement with Menity. 

that explains in detail how my personal data is 

processed and the rights that I have with regard to my data.