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Hire the right managers at every level of your organization

For more than 15 years, we've helped some of the world's leading companies and innovative businesses find managers to drive business excellence.

Start up

Hire more powerful and resilient high-impact teams

Whether you need to boost productivity, create new teams or want to stay on top, we've got you covered. Get the knowledge to help you succeed.

Talent mapping

Get market insights, plan for the future, and create a strong, diverse talent pipeline.

Talent acquisition

Hire the right managers at every level of your organization, and create resilient teams.

Diversity, Equity, Incusion

Improve your DEI journey, and minimize biases in your talent acquisition function. 

Talent Mapping
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Build a strong pipeline of diverse talents for your critical roles 

Menity delivers actionable talent insights across functions, markets, and industries.

Fuel your strategy with valuable market data. 

Improve your ability to hire top candidates with Menity actionable insights

You may not immediately need to hire at this stage, but you want to have a long-term plan for securing top talents for your critical roles.


Menity helps evaluate your talent gaps, provides talent market intelligence, and helps you create a strategy that meets your future staffing needs.

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Talent Acquisito

Right people for the right jobs at the right time

Menity helps you to attract and hire the right managers at every level of your organization

Hire managers

Hire managers to fill your critical roles and meet your business goals.

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Build new teams

Build new teams and hire managers for emerging roles and functions.


Improve your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion journey

Menity helps you to minimize biases in your talent functions and foster a diverse, inclusive workplace.  Diversity is an integral part of Menity. We help you to:

Young Talented business women

Evaluate your DEI

Evaluate your DEI status, and identify and build improvement activities.

Minimize biases

Identify and minimize biases and inequities in your talent functions.

Reinvent inclusion

Design your new talent functions with inclusive and diverse principles.

Build diverse pools

Reach underrepresented groups of candidates and build diverse talent pools.

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