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Diversity is improving performance

The presence of female and males approaches to leadership is and will be crucial for companies. Because only in this way can we consciously manage the energy that can be helpful at the right moment.

Welcome to today's discussion with Petra Fuskova. Petra is a professional coach and a COO at Mondelez European Shared Service Center.

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Q: Studies show that "female leadership" applies certain leadership behaviors that positively affect company performance. What is your thought on this?

I agree with this opinion and the opinion that men bring a different type of leadership behavior, which also positively affects the company's performance. The difference lies in the perception, which is very naturally different for a woman and a man. From my own experience, I can say that #successful women in leadership are mainly concerned with building trust and communication. Gaining trust means opening many doors, and #communication is a primary ingredient. To conduct a conversation - transparent, honest, and demonstrating one's values ​​while hearing is key to success.

Q: Markets are changing, as well as customer behaviors. New technologies are emerging, and the business requires a new type of leader. What are the leadership behaviors expected from future leaders?

I perceive the "#leader "with respect. Those I have met are leaders because of their character, their actions, and their #integrity. Many studies are defining a leader's #behavior. I think it is helpful to take the environment and the people element that largely shape future leaders' profiles. And let me dream a little bit - modern leaders should contribute to social value and human development.

Q: To innovate, many leaders favor a "participatory" leadership style. Where do you see the benefits of this leadership style for the organization?

Above all, practicing a "real" participatory #leadership style requires a great deal of openness and confidence in the abilities of others. It requires a lot of energy and courage in today's time. Then such an approach will bring the company its fruits in the form of the already mentioned innovations and committed employees. We can also reveal to the employees their #value and can support their desire to contribute. Simultaneously, such an approach largely shapes the company's culture and how society is perceived inside and out. After all, how many of us would prefer following the order instead of having the opportunity to express ourselves?

Q: How do you perceive the impact of diversity and cultural differences on the company's performance?

I am fortunate that my own experience comes from a very #diverse environment. At the same time, I feel that diversity is the key to all the valuables that a company can use to its advantage. I dare say that not promoting diversity in society is a conscious pursuit of opportunity and, in many cases, success. The diversity of resources brings possibilities and happiness; the new generation of employees seeks new opportunities. Yes, diversity often comes with #complexity, but I see it as a good investment in the long run.

Petra Fuskova is explaining the diversity

Q: How to prepare leaders to be ready to embed diversity?

Probably as if to integrate anything else or new. As a basis, we need to explain to leaders clearly what diversity means to #society, what we care about, what meaning and #value it brings. Leaders must answer these fundamental questions. Then, leaders work with the potential of diversity in their organizations and thus integrate it. And how to find your motivation for #diversity while leading the company? Maybe take a moment to think about the value that diversity can bring to you personally. Or quite the opposite - what we are losing in an overly homogeneous environment

Q: You are a successful female leader. How do you balance work and family life?

To see meaning in what I do, a value, and above all, a smile and a good feeling. Those are all #energizing factors for me. Such work charges me with #positive energy. And how do I keep my balance? It is essential for me that what I do meets the parameters. It gives me #power and taste for the next day, and the balance will come as a secondary effect. The #family, of course, stays in the first place; that's my foundation. On those more demanding days, I have to turn on the extra engine, and at the same time, I try not to forget to plan a rest! ☺

Q: Often discussed topic that female and males leaders might have a different approach to leadership. Share with us your experience, please.

I come from an environment where men and women play an #equal role. The presence of female and males approaches to leadership is and will be crucial for companies. Because only in this way can we consciously manage the energy that can be helpful at the right moment. Women must acknowledge this feminine principle by themself. Fact vs. Feeling and Intuition, Work vs. Relax, #Success vs. #Knowledge, learning from mistakes. I am convinced that this would bring success to companies and society as a whole.

Thank you Petra.

About Mrs. Fuskova

Petra Fuskova is a successful Female Leader. Petra is a COO and a Senior Management member of the European Shared Services Center at Mondeléz, supporting Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Petra is a former HR Leader and successfully helped to navigate the center through business transformation, rebranding, and forming a new organizational culture. Petra studied at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA. She gained her Masters' degree in economics from the University of Economics in Bratislava. Petra is a professional coach.

A series of MENITY Leaders Talk interviews.

Interview with Mrs. Fuskova by Mr. Janik, a partner at MENITY.

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