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Empower Women in Public and Business

Empower Women Menity

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to participate in the Women Empower event organized by the American Chamber of Commerce. At Menity, we are deeply committed to fostering gender equality and making a positive impact.

This event served as a unique platform for us to engage with influential thought leaders and industry experts, exchanging ideas and best practices while contributing meaningfully to the cause of gender equality.

The audience at the event was diverse, representing various job levels within their organizations. The results from the event survey provide a breakdown of the attendees:

  • 16% were distinguished C-level executives.

  • 51% held senior management positions.

  • 24% were at the mid-senior level.

  • 9% were emerging talents at the junior level.

Empower Women - Leadership roles

Discussions focused on advancing women's participation in leadership roles and political engagement within Slovakia. These crucial conversations explored strategies to dismantle barriers and promote gender equality in these vital spheres.

In Slovakia, only 21% of parliament members are women, compared to the European average of 33%. Women in public and political roles also face a disproportionately higher level of harassment and hateful comments on social media when compared to their male counterparts.

During this panel, distinguished speakers discussed the significance of female political representation, women's political hurdles, and strategies to encourage more women to aspire to leadership positions in the public and private sectors.

Women's health and access to quality healthcare

In another panel, we explored the critical issues surrounding women's health and access to quality healthcare. The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the significance of healthcare workers in resilient health systems and global health security. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), women hold 70% of healthcare jobs worldwide, constituting 90% of the nursing workforce. However, the pandemic has revealed deep-seated gender inequalities within the healthcare sector.

AmCham sources indicate that, despite comprising 50% of the population, women have been underrepresented in clinical trials and research, leading to insufficient information about female-specific health issues. Women are also more prone to misdiagnosis. Although women tend to live longer than men, they spend a significant portion of their lives dealing with ill health and disability, with growing geographic disparities in women's life expectancy.

During this panel, esteemed panelists discussed the scarcity of gender-specific data concerning women's health and healthcare access in Slovakia. They highlighted the absence of a comprehensive strategy for women's health, signaling the need for collective action to address these issues effectively.


In conclusion, our participation in the Women Empowerment event was insightful, reinforcing our commitment to supporting gender equality and diversity in all aspects of our work.

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To access further details about the conference, please visit here.


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