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Bridging the Gender Wage Gap: Equal Pay Day

Vladimir Janik as an Equal Pay Day Event Ambassador

We're thrilled to announce that our Managing Partner, Vladimir Janik, has taken on the role of Ambassador for the inaugural Equal Pay Day in Slovakia. Committed to gender equality, Vladimir and Menity recognize the deep-seated impact of gender disparities on careers.

In a quick chat with Mr. Janik, he offered these insights:

Why did you decide to become an ambassador for Equal Pay Day?

"Everyone should have equal opportunities and access to possibilities, regardless of gender."

What are you most looking forward to as an ambassador?

"I look forward to inspiring discussions and the opportunity to learn from others. We have a chance to find ways to change prevailing stereotypes."

Why do you believe in Equal Pay Day?

"Behind every percentage of wage disparity, there is a story, a talent, an opportunity. As an executive search and leadership advisor, I see the significant impact gender inequality has on career opportunities and growth. I believe transparency, education, and empathy are key to overcoming inequality."

Why should people attend the Equal Pay Day conference?

"It’s an opportunity to participate in the discussion and be part of the solution. Together, we can learn, share, and move towards a society where equality is not just a "buzzword" but a reality, with men and women having equal opportunities."

What does it take to implement changes towards gender equality?

"Implementing changes requires courage, effort, and a willingness to understand others. Together, we can overcome obstacles and create an environment where everyone feels included, respected, and heard."

At Menity, we value diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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To access further details about the Equal Pay Day conference, please visit here.


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