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The Power of Equality: Insights on Equal Pay Day

Mr Janik equal pay day ambassador

We are proud to share that our Managing Partner Vladimir Janik has taken on the esteemed role of Ambassador for the inaugural Equal Pay Day in Slovakia.

He believes that everyone should have equal opportunities, irrespective of gender. As advocates for leadership talent, we understand the profound impact of gender inequality on career opportunities and growth.

In a recent conversation with Mr. Janik, he shared his insights:

Why did you decide to become an ambassador?

Because I believe that every one of us should have equal opportunities and access to prospects regardless of gender.

What are you looking forward to?

I anticipate engaging in inspiring discussions and the opportunity to learn from others. We have the chance to collaboratively address and change the prevailing stereotypical mindsets.

Why do you believe in EQUALPAYDAY?

Behind every percentage difference in wages lies a story, talent, and opportunity. As an advisor to leaders and executives, I see the significant impact of gender inequality on career opportunities and growth. I firmly believe that transparency, education, and empathy are pivotal in overcoming inequality.

Why attend the conference?

It's an opportunity to engage in the dialogue and become a part of the solution. Together, we can learn, share, and move towards a society where equality is not just a word but a tangible reality, where men and women stand equally. Implementing change demands courage, effort, and a willingness to understand others from all of us. Together, we can find ways to overcome barriers and create a society where everyone feels involved, respected, and heard.

For us at Menity , change means having the courage to understand and to act, ensuring a society where everyone feels included, respected, and heard.

Join the conversation and be part of the solution towards a society where equality isn't just a word but a reality.

See you at Equal Pay Day on November 10-11

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