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Boost candidate attraction on social networks

Adopting social networks to organization strategy goes beyond company Public Relations. Sharing company products and services on social networks is becoming a norm. Sharing company stories, promoting employer brand, sharing how the company supports communities can #attract your potential employees. Social networks can significantly improve the way how to attract, source, and hire your new colleagues.

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You can target your audience through #social #networks precisely, and you can #measure your #impact. These platforms allow immediate interaction between your company and your audiences, such as existing and potential customers, candidates, and others. Social networks have become an essential communication channel and vital source of feedback. With the importance of social networks new role emerged - the role of Social Media Manager.

The new role - Social Media Manager

#Social #Media #Managers and experts plan, implement and manage company Social Media strategy to increase company brand awareness, promote products and services that will help to increase sales, interact with online chatters. The critical skills for this new role include #strategic #planning and #execution, #managing #community, optimizing #content, understanding how content works, able to adopt new #digital #marketing.

Social networks as strategic Talent Acquisition Tool

Social networks allow organizations to boost candidate attraction, create better talent pipelines, and create better candidate engagement. Social networks are becoming a strategic #Talent #Acquisition tool. It is essential to develop a #digital #presence on #social #networks, promote employer brand, share compelling stories, interact with potential candidates, post open vacancies, and utilize all social network data to make an informed hiring decision.

Network, attract, hire, engage, and much more.

The growing number of social networks can help organizations attract talents better and promote company stories. Linkedin is the biggest social network platform for professionals, with plenty of opportunities for networking and many open job vacancies. There are other networks as well, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. The number of #social #network users is rapidly growing. Smart devices enable us to access social networks and allow Talent Acquisition Leaders to source the candidates on the go.

Social networks as a new communication platform for the Millennials

The #Millennial generation loves social networks and uses them as a prime source of sharing and connecting with others, finding exciting job opportunities, and exploring more about their potential employers. Organizations that can share their inspiring stories, promoting their #values can attract new employees much more straightforward. Promoting #Employer #Brand in social networks is teamwork. #HR usually partners with #marketing, #PR, and #communication to target a specific audience and prepare compelling stories and campaigns to attract the desired target group of candidates. Emerging technologies such as wearable - smartwatches will enable us to stay online 24/7 and access any vital information.

Increase visibility

Professional social networks such as Linkedin allow an individual to create personal curriculum vitae that can help to promote individuals' brands. The best way for the candidate to be visible to potential employers, staffing agencies, and executive search consultants is to create a compelling individual profile on social networks.

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Share an inspiring story that will take your candidates' hearts and gravitate them to your brand.

Social networks and Millennials changed the way how to attract and hire candidates. Why not share on social networks the best your company can offer? Share an inspiring story that will take your candidates' hearts and gravitate them to your brand. Make it #viral, and you will be in their focus. #Chat with your #candidates on the social networks and support #communities. If your Social Networks Specialists and Talent Acquisition master these skills, you may take advantage of this new trend, which will become the norm quickly. HR needs to integrate social networks as an integral part of talent processes.

Show how do you support communities.

In addition to #communication, #sharing, and #acquiring talent, social networks bring a new opportunity for #supporting #communities. Show your potential employees, clients, business partners, and other stakeholders how you support communities and make a difference.

Following our latest research Millennial generation is more attracted by the companies that actively support communities. Utilizing social networks as a powerful tool should be an integral part of each organization's strategy.


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