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MENITY part of the workplace equality forum

Organizations need a diverse and inclusive workplace where people can bring their authentic selves to work. Diversity of backgrounds, thoughts, experiences brings a new perspective to key challenges. A homogeneous workplace can't bring innovation, business growth, and sustainability. Following the latest research, 50% of employees have left their jobs because of DEI issues.

MENITY joined Prague #Pride Business Forum to discuss #DEI development in Czechia.

LGBT+ equality

Experts from private and public sectors highlighted the global trends in implementing the diversity and inclusion principles of LGBT+ people. Leaders from #Czechia elaborated on the current development.

Employees' attitude to LGBT+ people in Czechia

Following market research presented by LMC Employees' attitude to LGBT+ people at work in Czechia, employees' approach to #LGBT+ people is neutral (59%), but they think employers should support LGBT+ people at work equally (41%).

Employees attitude to LGBT+ in Czechia

(Credits: LMC)

Czechia Public sector overview

Pride Business Forum brought a look at the Czechia Public sector for the first time and opened a discussion of why its workplace is falling behind. Following presented data, coming out in the public sector is rare.

Coming out at the Public sector in Czechia

(Credits: Pride Business Forum)

More than 71% of people are affairs of the reaction from their colleagues. Other frequent reasons are the deterioration of the working environment, fear of jeopardizing career perspective, and other reasons.

Reasons not to coming out

(Credits: Pride Business Forum)

Explore, here, how we can help you to be more Diverse & Inclusive organization.


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