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Menity Becomes a Proud Diversity Charter Signatory

Peter Nemcok signing Diversity Charter of Menity's behalf

At Menity, diversity is more than a buzzword—it's a core principle. We're thrilled to share that our Managing Partner, Peter Nemcok, has signed the Diversity Charter in Slovakia, underlining our commitment to an inclusive workplace. Diversity Charter Slovakia is a part of the European Diversity Charter Platform.

But it's more than just a signed document. For us, it signifies embedding diversity and inclusion in all that we do—from every business decision to every executive placement.

Why does this matter?

Diverse leadership isn't just a checkbox. It brings fresh viewpoints, ignites creativity, and propels success.

To our clients:

Benefit from our unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion. We help you to create a workplace that respects all backgrounds, fuels innovation, and ensures equal opportunities, making your organization stronger and more competitive. Partnering with us means you will have access to more diverse, inclusive, and forward-thinking top talents.

For our candidates:

We value your diverse experiences, backgrounds, and thoughts. We're convinced that varied backgrounds and thought processes can only enhance a business or career. We support a workplace that values diversity, promotes inclusivity, and ensures equal opportunities for all candidates. Your career growth and success matter to us, and we're committed to reducing biases, protecting against discrimination, and supporting your career journey.

By aligning with the Diversity Charter, Menity reinforces its position as your reliable ally in the dynamic world of business.

Fundamental Principles of the Diversity Charter:

  • Respect diversity and an inclusive approach in the workplace, regardless of gender, gender identity, race, nationality, religious belief, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital, partnership, or family status, parenthood, pregnancy or adoption, social background, political or religious conviction, or any other status;

  • Do not compromise in our efforts to maintain a workplace free from any forms of discrimination or harassment and value mutual respect and the principle of equal treatment; protect our employees from discrimination;

  • Preserve and strengthen diversity in the work environment; continually promote an inclusive work environment, free from prejudice towards all vulnerable groups in line with the commitments above;

  • Value diversity as a business asset that fosters innovation and enhances the economic performance and competitiveness of companies and organizations; Incorporate diversity and inclusion management into human resource strategies and raise awareness of diversity issues at the management level.

  • Promote the principle of diversity with an emphasis on reducing conscious and unconscious biases and ensuring equal treatment in recruitment, performance assessment, access to education and career growth, compensation, work-life balance, protection from harassment, and unfair dismissal;

  • Lead by example and be diversity and inclusion ambassadors. Communicate our diversity support activities and progress both internally and externally. Educate and professionally guide our employees and other relevant partners on inclusion and diversity topics and involve them in the implementation of these activities.

Menity among top companies who signed Diversity Charter

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More details about the Diversity Charter can be found here


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