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Menity joins HRcomm

Menity and HRcomm Logo

We are thrilled to announce that Menity has officially joined the HRcomm, Slovakia's largest and most influential human resources community!

HRcomm is a well-regarded platform dedicated to inspiring, sharing, supporting, and advancing HR innovations within the business.

For three decades, HRcomm has been at the forefront of connecting HR professionals, providing a valuable space for the exchange of experiences.

As the voice of the HR community, its mission is to positively influence the development of a professional labor market environment.

HRcomm works closely with distinguished professionals not only within Slovakia but also at the international level. HRcomm is a member of EAPM (the European Association of People Management) and WFPMA (the World Federation of People Management Associations)

Stay tuned for further insights, updates, and opportunities about Human Resources topics. Follow us on LinkedIn or Subscribe to our newsletter to receive industry trends, exclusive insights, and expert advice directly.

To access further details about HRcomm, please visit here.


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