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NEWMATEC 2023: Insights, Innovations, and Challenges in the Automotive Industry

Newmatec 2023 Panelists

Our team at Menity attended the exceptional NEWMATEC event, a leading international knowledge forum focused on new materials, technologies, and innovations shaping the future of the automotive industry. As an international executive search firm with deep expertise in the automotive sector, we were thrilled to learn insights from industry experts and thought leaders.

The event featured a comprehensive program, tackling topics such as Euro 7 emission standards, the European Green Deal, Fit for 55, Technological neutrality, and economic and geopolitical impacts on the automotive industry. Furthermore, we delved into the latest eMobility trends driving transportation's future.

One of the standout aspects of NEWMATEC was the engaging panel discussions, which featured high-profile speakers such as the former Minister of Finance, the President of the Automotive Industry Association, and CEOs and top executives from major automotive companies. These thought-provoking conversations sparked lively debate and provided valuable insights into the industry's current landscape and future prospects. Throughout the event, several thought-provoking questions and insights emerged. Here are some of our takeaways:

1. Euro 7 emission standards

How can automakers adapt their strategies and production lines to meet the stringent Euro 7 emission standards while maintaining profitability? The Euro 7 emission standards aim to significantly reduce harmful emissions significantly, pushing the automotive industry towards greener technologies. Automakers will need to invest in R&D and adopt new approaches to reduce emissions while maintaining performance and cost-effectiveness.

2. The European Green Deal

What role does the automotive industry play in achieving the ambitious goals set forth by the European Green Deal? The European Green Deal seeks to make Europe carbon neutral by 2050. As a significant contributor to CO2 emissions, the automotive industry must embrace electrification, alternative fuels, and sustainable production practices to help reach this target.

European Green Deal and Fit for 55

3. Fit for 55

How can the automotive sector contribute to the Fit for 55 initiative without compromising on innovation and job creation? The Fit for 55 initiative aims to reduce EU greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030. The automotive industry must strike a balance between investing in green technologies and maintaining economic growth, ensuring that these ambitious targets don't hinder job opportunities and innovation.

4. Technological neutrality

Is true technological neutrality achievable in the automotive industry, or will certain technologies naturally rise to prominence? Technological neutrality implies equal support for all technologies that contribute to emission reductions. However, the automotive industry may witness certain technologies, like battery electric vehicles (BEVs), gaining an edge due to market demand, infrastructure, and government incentives.

5. Economic and geopolitical impacts on the automotive industry in Europe

How will the shifting economic and geopolitical landscape impact the global automotive industry, particularly in Europe and the CEE region? The global automotive industry is influenced by economic and geopolitical factors such as trade policies, regulatory environments, and international relations, as the world's major automotive players, Europe, China, and the USA, are influenced by these complexities and must promote collaboration, innovation, and sustainability in order to remain competitive in the fast-changing market. Speakers shared interesting facts about the specifics of the local market, the importance of e-mobility infrastructure, consumer habits, and preferences while using combustion motor vehicles.

Flying Car presentation

The conference also featured an inspiring speech from a Flying Car inventor and professor, highlighting the Role of Art in automotive design. Speakers provided practical insights into regulation, emerging ESG reporting in the automotive industry, environmentally efficient logistic solutions, and maintenance performance audits to enhance safety, quality, and efficiency in the production process.

Attendees had the opportunity to participate in numerous workshops focused on topics such as internal well-being, electromobility and trends in the supply chain, and strategies for attracting and retaining employees in the Automotive/Manufacturing sector while engaging them in ESG goals.

The AIA SR awards for digitalization in the automotive industry were announced at the event, celebrating companies that have made significant strides in embracing digital transformation.

Our team at Menity is dedicated to staying current with industry developments to serve our clients better and connect exceptional talent with leadership opportunities. Attending events like NEWMATEC reinforces our commitment to understanding the automotive world and its latest trends and innovations.

Keeping our fingers on the pulse of these advancements allows us to help our clients navigate the rapidly evolving automotive landscape. We do this by connecting them with the best leadership talent for their specific needs, precisely when they require it. By staying informed and engaging in thought-provoking discussions at industry events, Menity remains a reliable and knowledgeable partner in the executive search field for the automotive sector.

The link for the conference speakers, program, organizer, and other details can be found here

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