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Empowering LGBTQ+ Inclusion: Insights from Diversity Day

Menity at the Diversity Charter Event

Last week, Menity had the privilege of participating in a Diversity Day event organized by the Business Leaders Forum. As proud signatories of the Diversity Charter, our colleagues engaged in an insightful program dedicated to supporting LGBTQ+ individuals within the workplace. The event kicked off with opening remarks delivered by the speech of the President of the Slovak Republic.

Employee Resource Groups & LGBTQ+

Throughout the event, we delved into a broad spectrum of topics, each shedding light on the vital role played by Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in sparking meaningful discussions about LGBTI+ issues. We explored the nuances of managing transitions in the workplace, the importance of using respectful and inclusive language, and the imperative of ensuring equal benefits for all employees.

Menity at roundtable discussion about LGBTQ


An insightful roundtable discussion on pinkwashing opened the door to a profound dialogue about the significance of genuine commitment versus superficial engagement. Furthermore, strategies for educating employees on LGBTQ+ related matters underscored the importance of cultivating a more inclusive work environment.


Our participation in this event not only deepened our comprehension of LGBTI+ issues but also equipped us with the knowledge and tools to assist our clients in fostering more inclusive environments. This newfound expertise will enable us to support diverse candidates on their career journeys better, ultimately contributing to the development of leadership teams that mirror the rich diversity of our society.

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