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How to attract passive candidates?

The demand for top talents with specific capabilities, skills, and experience is increasing. How organizations can attract and retain top talents in the competitive market is crucial for business leaders across industries and sectors.

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The Business Process Outsourcing industry in Central and Eastern Europe is booming. Following our research, #Poland is the #BPO industry leader in the CEE region. Poland has more than 200 centers, the #Czechia c more than 90 centers, #Hungary more than 80 centers, and #Slovakia more than 38 centers, and growing fast.

According to the ranking "Top 100 global destinations of shared service centers" by the Tholons, CEE leaders are Poland - Krakow 9th place in the global rating, Czechia - Prague 15th place, Hungary - Budapest 23rd place, #Romania - Bucharest, 43rd place, and Slovakia - Bratislava ranked 47th place.

Increasing demand and changing candidates' behaviors change the way how BPOs #attract and hire candidates. Technologies and #social #media significantly improved the way how to attract candidates.

Target your future top talents differently. 75% of passive candidates do not respond to job advertisements.

According to a Linkedin survey "Talent Trends 2014", only 25% of all employees are active "job seekers." Active job seekers respond very well to job advertising. The survey shows that up to 75% of candidates are passive candidates, i.e., they are not actively looking for a job but might be interested in considering an exciting opportunity.

Our survey in the CEE region during 2014 shows that most BPO centers could not fill the # challenging to fill jobs with active job seekers. The most frequent reasons were the low supply of highly skilled candidates, insufficient qualifications, limited work experience, and low motivation for the job.

The most demanding candidates – the passive candidates do not respond to advertising. They do not have to because they are #employed, #engaged, and often achieve high performance.

Candidates' expectations and behaviors have changed significantly over the last five years.

Technologies and jobs have changed as well. Techniques of attracting and hiring top talents that have worked well for 5-7 years are no longer an option. That's why BPOs are deploying new ways how to #attract passive talent.

Talent acquisition leaders attract passive candidates through #social #networks, share inspiring stories of company employees, and give potential employees reason to join.

Promote Employer Brand and give talents reason why you are their best choice.

Talent Acquisition Leaders confirm that the most effective way to attract passive candidates is to actively #promote #Employer #Brand on social networks and communities.

According to Linkedin's 2015 Global Recruiting Trends survey, up to 72% of talent experts said that the "Employer Brand" significantly impacts their ability to acquire talent. The survey involved more than 4,000 talent experts in 31 countries and 14 sectors.

According to Jobvite's "Social Recruiting Survey 2014", up to 73% of recruiters hired a candidate from a social network, the most significant source of hire – LinkedIn. This survey says that up to 51% of recruiters in 2014 wanted to invest in mobile recruitment.

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Employer Branding is critical for every organization to attract top passive candidates.

The latest #scientific #knowledge and #technology have irreversibly changed the approach to talent. It is not enough to post a "cool-looking" job description and passively wait for someone to react. Recruitment Marketing has changed a lot over the last two years. Gen #X, #Millennials, and #Babyboomers respond very differently to #recruitment marketing campaigns. It's vital to understand what your talents want, their #behaviors, and what your company can offer. Assess what your organization can provide talented people. Focus on the right target group and use communication and marketing tools to address your target group the best. Create a great employee value proposition and promote it through the proper channels.

Create a compelling Employee Value Proposition.

Talent Acquisition Leader should participate in creating #Employee #Value #Proposition. Talent Acquisition Leader should cover a more complex area than just the recruitment itself. Rapidly advancing technologies help them better target desired target group of candidates, allowing improved sourcing and creating much more robust candidate pipelines. The increasing number of candidate data and "#big #data solutions" will automate this phase of talent acquisition and provide incomparable quality and quantity of information compared to a standard CV.


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