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Pride with Purpose

MENITY is passionate about accepting people for who they are. We respect and value each individual. Happy #pridemonth2021

"We may look, feel and think differently. But, when we unite and collaborate, great things happen.

We are committed to creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive work environment where everyone is welcome, where everyone can bring their authentic selves to work. Let's celebrate equality, diversity, and inclusion together. Let's create a better world."

We are passionate about accepting people for who they are.

We respect and value each individual.

Creating an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome is our primary value.

We believe in human potential and its power to achieve amazing things that can transform our society.

Let's unite, collaborate, and tackle discrimination against LGBTQ+.

We improved our Talent services to avoid biases

Talent Sourcing

The words we use matter. We constantly improve and optimize our content in the job description, job briefs, and candidate materials with the language of #belonging and #conscious #inclusion. It matters to us to attract #equally females, males, and #underrepresented candidates. We always reach diverse candidate platforms. ​We use AI-powered analytic and #augmented writing to better address biases in talent sourcing.

Diverse pools

We bring 80% of diverse candidates to every search project. We strive to bring together people of all ages, gender, race, nationalities, veteran status, and other dimensions. We placed 53% of Women in Leadership roles from more than 20 nationalities. We actively #engage our customers to #embrace #diversity. We strive to help our clients to implemented as much as possible best practices to avoid biases in Talent processes.

Assessment - merit & skills

We review all candidates based on #merit & #skills and always involve colleagues from diverse backgrounds to calibrate the screening & interview framework. When using psychometrics in evaluation, we strive to create an evidence base for the validity of these methods. We integrate #AI-powered video interview systems to get an additional source of data to avoid biases.

We don't stop here. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are a continuous improvement effort to us.

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