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Attract and hire leaders who create value in a digital world 

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Data-Driven Executive Search

Hire Leaders for a Digital Age

MENITY executive search service helps you attract and hire exceptional leaders who create value in a Digital Age. We helped our clients to hire more than 53% female leaders from 20 nationalities to CxO roles, 75% of placed CxOs stay longer than three years. 20% of Fortune 500 trust us. 

Cultivate your  Leaders within

MENITY helps you assess your leaders' capabilities for the digital age. We assess and benchmark capabilities that help your leaders accelerate digital transformation, connect technologies and human capabilities, drive inclusion, innovation, growth, and sustainability. 

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Attract and hire managers on all levels

MENITY helps you attract and hire managers on all management levels that bring digital-age capabilities that reinvent your business processes, connect people and technologies, and bring out the best people.

Avoid biases in your talent practice

MENITY helps you remove unconscious biases in your talent acquisition and talent management practices, which enables you to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment where your people and organization thrive.


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Build a more diverse talent pipeline for your critical roles

MENITY helps you to build pipelines of an underrepresented group of candidates for your critical leadership and management role at all levels. We supply you with external talent and help you to build more diverse and equitable succession plans for your critical roles.  

Improve your DEI and create an inclusive culture

MENITY helps you benchmark where your DEI stands, review your plans and programs and help identify opportunities for improvement, and we help you close the DEI gaps.  

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Give your career a new purpose

Whether you are a candidate on a job hunt or someone who plans a next career move or you seek to constantly develop yourself to close the gaps and unlock your potential, let us know.   

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