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Attract and source diverse talent and build a strong, diverse workforce

Building Inclusive culture needs more than a good statement. Giving equal opportunities to all people to work under equitable and fair conditions is the right way. We believe in human potential and the power to change our world into a better place. We think everyone can make a difference. No matter how small the effort is. To respect and value each individual and create and maintain an inclusive work environment where everyone is welcome is the solution. An environment where Everyone can bring their authentic selves to work.

A Gartner study predicts that through 2022, 75% of companies with diverse and inclusive teams will exceed their financial targets.

Diversity has a direct impact on innovation, business profitability, and employee engagement. Organizations can close their diversity gap in talent processes.

Avoid biases in Talent Sourcing

If you create an #inclusive culture and wish to attract the best candidates, every word counts. It matters how you sound in your job adverts, job descriptions, your stories on social media. Improving and optimizing your content with the language of #belonging and #conscious #inclusion ensures you a broader and more diverse candidate pool.

It matters to attract equally females, males, and underrepresented candidates. Avoid using problematic words and terms that can detract your candidates.

Leave no one behind. Integration of #screen #reading #technologies and optimizing your content helps your sight-impaired candidates better navigate your career sites, access your job descriptions, and better understand your story.

Expand your candidate sourcing capabilities to target diverse groups of candidates. Reach for platforms with enhanced connectivity to diverse populations.

#AI-powered analytics and augmented writing may help to better address biases in talent sourcing.

The words we use matter!

Avoiding biases in candidate screening and selections

Get an objective and unbiased screening of your candidates' resumes and motivation letters. Review resumes based on #merit, #skills, and experience rather than gender, age, race or ethnicity, or candidate disabilities.

The interview process may introduce a wide range of biases. Identifying and assessing candidates based on merit and skills are the solution to avoid biases.

  • Prepare a #structured #interview framework and plan carefully.

  • Involve various people with #diverse #perspectives to create or review your interview and assessment framework.

  • When using psychometrics in your candidate evaluation, create an evidence base for the validity of these methods.

  • Conduct #due #diligence on your candidate selection process on wheatear it has biases by gender, age, race, ethnicity, and others.

  • Make it a #continuous effort rather than a one-time initiative.

  • Ask #straightforward questions that are not difficult to understand.

  • Unbiased assessment of the candidates uses #context that is #equal for all and uses the same words that have a common meaning to all.

  • Evaluate candidates against the #skill set required for the job.

Integration of automated pre-selection platforms can identify candidates based on qualification and skills using data. Even AI-powered video interview systems can provide an additional source of data and reduce bias.

Improve Employee Experience by reinventing your talent processes

Improving #Employee #experience needs to reinvent all talent processes. Conducting objective employee #performance, #career path #planning, and #talent #development bring new challenges to ensure an objective, unbiased approach.

Deeper employee analytics and people interactions combined with machine learning technologies can better understand employees' behaviors and communication.

#Analytical tools based on #machine #learning can aggregate and analyze employee data at scale and set targets to measure and benchmark diversity and equity in your organization.

Developing new #leadership #capabilities for the future of work will dramatically impact the #employee #experience, #engagement, #innovation, and business growth.

Creating an Inclusive environment where Everyone is welcome

We believe that embedding #Diversity, #Equity, and #Inclusion into an organization matters the most. We commit to helping our clients transform their organizations and creating an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome and can unlock their full potential to bring a unique perspective to address today's pressing issues.

Explore, here, how we can help you to attract and hire more diverse candidates and, here, how we can help you to create a more diverse and inclusive organization.


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