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We are in Berlin discussing Candidate experience and Tech Rec

Menity joins Europe´s leading knowledge exchange platform for all stakeholders who actively find, hire, and retain tech talents.

5th annual Berlin Tech Rec brought together 35 exciting thought leaders and senior influencers from talent acquisition, sourcing, employer branding, and candidate experience that provided precise insights into the latest trends, developments, and technologies in software and tech recruiting.

Main topics:

1. Candidate experience

How to treat the candidate during the entire Hiring lifecycle?

Automating Candidate Experience – how to personalize the automatic parts?

From process-driven recruiting to great candidate experience?

Aligning the candidate experience, from early talent to leadership hiring.

From candidate to employee experience, how do you set the expectations right from the start?

2. Technologies

How to leverage technologies such as AI, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and Automation to gain a competitive advantage in finding tech talent?

Performance marketing – how to run great campaigns for recruiting?

Talent Pools – do we still need them?

How to use data and analytics to transform tech hiring strategy?

Employer branding strategy – how can the right technology make a difference?

3. Skills and Assessment

How to define the skill profiles for the needed talent?

How to eliminate bias by using skill testing in the recruitment process?

Upskilling and reskilling employees – is this the new approach for filling the internal talent gap?

Why do we need to focus on hiring for skills and adaptability right now?

Assessment – how to be thorough but efficient?

35 Great Speakers

including world-leading companies Google, Siemens, Johnson & Johnson, Amazon, Tik Tok, Sound Cloud, Zoom, Huawei, Nokia, Puma, and many others. Explore the list here


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