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Cybersecurity Challenges

MENITY joins the Cybersecurity Challenges Digital Event.

We're excited to discuss key topics on Cybersecurity Challenges: Public Administration, Healthcare, and the Private Sector with interesting guests such as

  • Gabriel GALGÓCI, President, AmCham Slovakia

  • Violeta LUCA, General Manager, Microsoft Czech and Slovak Republic

  • Pavol ADAMEC, Executive Director, KPMG in Slovakia

KEYNOTE SPEACH “EU Cybersecurity Policy Trends and its Constant Balance with Digital Sovereignty”

  • Florian PENNINGS, Director GA, Cybersecurity, Microsoft

PUBLIC SECTOR AS A REGULATOR AND TRENDSETTER - Introduction to the topic in terms of regulation, goals, challenges, achievements, and future steps.

  • Ferdinand VAVRÍK, Director of the government unit, CSIRT.SK

PRIVATE SECTOR AS A CUSTOMER AND INNOVATOR - Introduction to the topic from the point of view of customers of regulation, experience with cyber-attacks, solutions and cooperation.

  • Miriam LAPUNÍKOVÁ, director, FNsP F.D. Roosevelta Banská Bystrica

  • Ondrej KUBOVIC, Security Awareness Specialist, ESET

HOW CAN EDUCATION AND EDUCATION HELP? Cooperation, education, and sharing of experience is the way to strengthen our security.

  • Marek ZEMAN, Head of Security, Tatra Banka

Credits: American Chamber of Commerce, Slovakia


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