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Focus on Innovation

Menity joins the ITMA Industry Summit, where experts from manufacturing and automotive meet and talk trends with IT industry-leading companies.

ITMA is a platform for communication and cooperation on the challenges of digitizing the industry and transforming the industry into a vision of the concept of industry 4.0. We joined the event to learn about the latest trends and reconnect with our fellow business leaders.

Conference content

Digital twin Smart manufacturing Autonomous means of production Data sovereignty

AR/VR in the context of production IoT and IT/OT convergence Predictive maintenance


  • Smart manufacturing at scale - Architecture of an OT Data lake, Dell

  • Experimental Smart Manufacturing Assembly System (MAS), Technical University Kosice

  • Implementing the Industry 4.0 Concept, Technical University Kosice

  • Solving real-world problems in the Automotive Industry in the area of Endurance Testing and respecting data and technical sovereignty at the same time, T Systems

  • Software-defined Vehicles Sound the Death Knell for Automotive Suppliers – Reinvent Yourself Now or Die, Gartner

  • Advanced systems of a vehicle - integration testing, Slovak Telekom