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MENITY partners the first annual CEO Forum

More than 180 business leaders from all industries in one room. MENITY teams with EBCG and other leaders and supports the prestigious first-annual #CEO #Forum conference for #top industry #leaders. Exclusive speakers and panelists from Microsoft, Siemens, Swiss Re, Whirlpool, Lear, and many other exciting business leaders, #entrepreneurs, and #startups discuss actual business and society challenges. The winners and nominees of the last years of Startup Awards presented their #innovations.

Menity partners at the first CEO Forum

Leaders discussed vital topics such as

Slovakia can be developed only if we rid ourselves of corrupt thinking and reduce the public money spent on efforts based on ignorance, unwillingness, and passivity. How can today’s CEO lend a hand and help the country move toward these goals?

Business leaders shared their #successful business #transformation and big ideas for #industry 4.0, automation, #digitalization, and the impact of New Technologies in Manufacturing Enterprises.

Young entrepreneurs shared their inspirational journey on how they transformed from a small startup to respected industry players.

Panelists discussed many exciting topics, including The power of #partnership and the importance of #investing in #education in a constantly changing environment why #disruptions are accelerating the changes in our working environment—investments into education, which Increase the Value of the Company in the Future.

Menity among business partners of the first CEO forum

And exciting round table discussions. How digitalization, data mining, social media and robotization is changing the world of media and our businesses as a whole.

And many other success stories.

We are happy to be a business partner at this first annual CEO Forum, where the innovation, experience, and networking of exception people happen.

Menity displayed at the presentation stage


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